Spanky: Red Creek, NY

Spanky71805smSpanky got very sick last March with an bacterial problem, along with allergic reaction to the bacteria. Apparently alot of bacteria develop resistance to different antibiotics. He would get a little better for a few days but then he would seem to get worse very quickly. After months of antibiotics, injections, ointments, the vet said that we had to make a choice of either to send him to Spanky8105smCornell University to be evaluated & treated with no guarantee, or to think about having him put to sleep as it was not fair to the dog to have him continue on this way. His immune system he said had pretty much shut down. He told me this information on July 18th and when he spoke of the immune system I immediately thought of the NingXia Red as it will strengthen the immune Spanky81505smsystem and I know what the juice had done for me. I had already put over $1,500.00 in vet bills & I knew I did not want to have to put him to sleep so the cost of the juice seemed very small compared to the hundreds of dollars it would cost to have him go to Cornell University. I hoped Spanky would drink the juice and as luck would have it he just loved it !! I put him on one ounce 4 times a day. I also Spanky82205smbathed him in the Animal Scents shampoo, I would then apply a little lavender and Frankincense to all the open sores and then seal it in with the Animal Scents ointment. In the pictures you will see the remarkable improvement in just one week! I told my son to take pictures just in case it worked which it did!! We feel it was a miracle as he had been running fevers of over 104° for weeks and weeks and was very lethargic and would just itch and itch all the time. So now we have two amazing testimonies just in my own household and we feel so grateful for being introduced to these most amazing products!! I will never be without them & they have truly changed our lives. I thank you for your interest in Spanky’s story and if he could talk he would thank you too as he is now a happy boy once again!

P.S. I continue to give Spanky one ounce a day of the NingXia Red for maintenance and he comes running for his daily dose of SUPER JUICE !!

– Lorrie Yonker, Red Creek NY

Link: Savannah, NY

Link 001smOur dog Link developed a lump on his tail well over a year ago but recently it got bigger. Larger than a golf ball, but smaller than a baseball. We started treating it on August 18, 2006 with an injection of Young Living Frankincense oil. Within one day it grew bigger. Within 3 days the area under his tail became inflamed to the point you could hardly see his rectum.  Aug18smWe used hot moist towels on it which caused it to open and drain a red, slimy liquid. We had the veterinarian look at it the following day. He said it was infected. He prescribed antibiotics and said when the infection was gone he would have to remove the tail. We decided to use ONLY oils and supplements and declined the antibiotics. He was given a capsule of 8 drops Thieves & 3 drops Oregano Aug 19smmorning and night. An ounce of NingXia Red twice a day. Exodus, Immupro and Essentialzyme. The oils used on the open wound were Grapefruit, Frankincense, Melaluca, Tsuga and covered with Animal Scents. The oils were applied morning and night as well. One month later you could not even see where the lump was. Link has his tail and we are very grateful to Gary Young and these products for that.Aug 25sm

Chip & Kathy Kouwe

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